Case Study: Coaching Inn Group

Coaching Inn Group

Coaching Inn Group uses GuestRevu to help with expansion across the UK

“Any hotel operator needs to know what their guests are thinking about their experience; whether that’s good, bad, or indifferent. Otherwise you cannot improve your business. If you do not listen to your guests, you would go out of business very quickly because there is plenty of choice out there in the marketplace”.

David Campbell, Operations Director, Coaching Inn Group


David Campbell, Operations Director, Coaching Inn Group

Bulldog Hotel Group


Closing the gap between head office and multiple properties in an expanding group and maintaining a guest-centric culture
• Centrally managing multiple properties in an expanding group was cumbersome
• Collecting and analysing guest feedback for actionable insights into guest experience was time-consuming


An agile, cloud-based guest feedback and online review manager
• Online guest feedback and reputation management solution
• Automated integration with Guestline PMS
• TripAdvisor integration


Actionable guest insights and a guest-centric group culture from top to bottom
The Coaching Inn Group now quickly and effortlessly gathers information that is easy to interpret, and the management team has a much better idea of what is going on at individual properties and in the group as a whole. The group now has:
• Streamlined management procedures and better insight into operations at individual properties
• Better-informed investment decisions for better returns
• More motivated employees and a culture of valuing guest feedback



Coaching Inn Group

The Coaching Inn Group is an award-winning operator of coaching inns in the UK, offering seven individually styled hotels to its guests. Its aim to be the best independent operator of regional hotels in the country is no idle threat as the group continues to grow year on year.

Aware of the need to manage its guest feedback, the Coaching Inn Group took on a 2-hotel pilot with GuestRevu. With overwhelmingly positive feedback and analytics from the pilot properties, the Coaching Inn Group made the decision to implement GuestRevu across its entire portfolio.

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