Case Study: Coaching Inn Group

Coaching Inn Group

Coaching Inn Group increases TripAdvisor ratings and reviews

“I was unsure of the extra cost to start, but once we saw the clear information provided and the amount of responses we were getting from the trial, then to roll it out [to the rest of the group] was a simple decision”.

Kevin Charity, CEO, Coaching Inn Group

Kevin Charity, CEO Bulldog Hotel Group

Kevin Charity, CEO Coaching Inn Group

Bulldog Hotel Group

its challenges: reviews mean business

With only comment cards to collect guest feedback, the Coaching Inn Group was aware of the need to be more proactive in its approach. Its main goal centred around a consolidated guest feedback management system. Wanting to create a seamless experience for hotel guests and to nurture its online reputation, GuestRevu’s TripAdvisor integration to its customer questionnaires was a perfect fit for the Coaching Inn Group.

the results: TripAdvisor reviews boom

The results were immediate and impressive. Since implementing GuestRevu, the number of guests giving feedback increased exponentially and the TripAdvisor integration resulted in an increase of more than 300% in the number of reviews published on the site in the first three months. The reviews driven by GuestRevu contributed nearly 60% of the total reviews published. While the rankings of the pilot properties were already strong, the quantity, quality and frequency of their reviews translated into an improvement in their overall ranking.



Coaching Inn Group

The Coaching Inn Group is an award-winning operator of coaching inns in the UK, offering seven individually styled hotels to its guests. Its aim to be the best independent operator of regional hotels in the country is no idle threat as the group continues to grow year on year.

Aware of the need to manage its guest feedback, the Coaching Inn Group took on a 2-hotel pilot with GuestRevu. With overwhelmingly positive feedback and analytics from the pilot properties, the Coaching Inn Group made the decision to implement GuestRevu across its entire portfolio.

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