Case study: The Royal Guest House

Case Study Royal Guest House

being smaller doesn’t lessen the impact of online reviews

“If you only have a public platform to work with, responding to a guest on that page becomes a public debate, not a private conversation. You get no monthly report, no trends, no options to compare results, no filtering”.

Bianca Grobbelaar, General Manager

Bianca Grobbelaar

Bianca Grobbelaar, General Manager, The Royal Guest House

Its challenges: manual methods are limited and time consuming

Like the majority of guesthouses of its size, The Royal Guest House had comment cards for guests to fill out in their rooms and reception – all of which ended up being filed and put away. “There was no culture of actively asking for feedback” or reporting on it, said Bianca.

When approached by GuestRevu, The River Group immediately saw the potential in transforming their business’s processes to automate their guest feedback and make it central to the management of their properties.

the royal guest house 2

the results: a better relationship with guests

Being a small guest house, The Royal Guest House’s staff members often have an almost personal relationship with a lot of their guests – especially those returning for another visit. Bianca says, “automating their guest feedback process was a revelation for the team, as they found guests much more comfortable giving honest and detailed feedback when offered the chance to fill out an online questionnaire that is emailed to them after checkout. They can fill it out in their own time and without having to worry about any confrontation with staff they feel they know well”.

“Even if someone is unhappy, I feel like you get a far more accurate response when they fill out a questionnaire online as you can get to the crux of an issue without any emotions. The delay also sometimes allows aggravated guests to calm down before giving a review”.

When the TripAdvisor integration was incorporated into GuestRevu, the guest house immediately embraced the functionality and was rewarded with an increase in their ranking.


The Royal Guest House

The Royal Guest House (part of the River Hotel Group) is an elegant 12 bedroomed guest house in a small, seaside town.
For manager, Bianca Grobbelaar, “instantly knowing your strengths and weaknesses” is the key to her GuestRevu experience. “Without the questionnaires, you miss out on so much information – without them you run the risk of only hearing the bad bits and you actually miss out on [hearing from] the people that just had a good time, and still have so much valuable input”.

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