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Nell Gwynn - circular

“We would definitely recommend GuestRevu to other serviced apartment providers, due to its ease of use and instant results. My boss was initially dubious as we had no experience with using a response engine, however any concerns he had were quickly dispelled when I was able to present him with invaluable analysis about both our apartments and our guests.”

Nikki Boal, Marketing Executive, NGH Apartments

Mojo Hotel - circular pic for testimonials

“Reputation is everything in business, and even more so in hospitality. GuestRevu has assisted our hotel significantly with our online reputation management, saving us time and money. The system is convenient and easy to use with great support on standby should you get stuck along the way. The staff at GuestRevu is knowledgeable, courteous, and friendly and they have always provided our business with healthy support and kind help.”

Devon van den Berg, Marketing Manager, Mojo Hotel

Shamwari Game Reserve

“Through GuestRevu, we are able to ensure that the quality of all the lodges that fall within the reserve remain high. Every month we receive customised guest feedback reports that form a large part of management decisions that are made day to day. GuestRevu gives us the chance to drill-down and get measurable results – the reports not only cover the overall guest experience of their stay, but also cover their thoughts on details from their room quality and meals, to their game ranger and spa experience if they had one”

Mat Matysik
Marketing Manager, Shamwari Game Reserve

Petousis Group Business Intelligence Analyst

“The information that we receive using GuestRevu plays a pivotal role in our management meetings and the ability to view these scores over a period of time allows us to measure our progress. Having three properties in the group and being able to compare and benchmark the scores of one against the other not only identifies the areas of concern but also allows us to make more informed strategic decisions as to where or how we should focus our efforts”

Gerd Wojatschek,
Petousis Group Business Intelligence Analyst: Guest Experience

River Group

“Absolutely fantastic! The excellent reports have saved us money far in excess of what we pay. We have a far quicker response time now to any weaknesses identified. This is certainly one of the best decisions we made, and far better than the old manual method”

Michael Austin
Finance and Administration Manager, River Hotels


“What a pleasure working with GuestRevu. We get a review from a client within a few days (actually hours) after they have stayed at our Lodge and therefore can address any concerns immediately. The reviews often mention the names of the staff who performed well, and have become an excellent tool for me to use to further motivate them. We use GuestRevu to remain aware of everything that happens at the Lodge – it is one of the best things we ever introduced.”

Andries van Schalkwyk
Managing Director, Buffelsdrift Game Lodge

cascade country manor circular pic

“GuestRevu is very useful for us as it boosts our reviews on TripAdvisor. Another great aspect is that guests have the opportunity to speak directly to us about positive and negative feedback, so they tend not to post the negatives on TripAdvisor as they feel satisfied that, due to our feedback system, any problems will be resolved and they can work it out directly with us.”

Barry Geyer
General Manager, Cascade Country Manor

coaching inn gour circular pic

“I was unsure of the extra cost to start, but once we saw the clear information provided and the amount of responses we were getting from the trail, then to roll it out [to the rest of the group] was a simple decision.”

Kevin Charity
CEO, Coaching Inn Group

leopard mountain circular pic

“Having all your reviews from different sites on one dashboard is great, as you don’t have to spend time hunting for them and capturing the content yourself. The GuestRevu team is very accommodating in getting your email exactly right, and in terms of price, they’re very competitive when compared to their rivals.”

Melissa van Rooyen
Leopard Mountain Game Lodge

sandy beach circular pic

“I would highly recommend GuestRevu, as it truly allows you build that open bridge between management and customers, and get on a more personal level with the guests and see things in their eyes rather than from a management standpoint. Guests experience your hotel in ways that you, as a manager, may not be able to experience and you are therefore blindsided on certain things.”

Tarek Aboudib
General Manager, Sandy Beach Hotel & Resort

mypond hotel circular pic

“Using GuestRevu has enabled us to have a significant impact on the amount of reviews we now receive on TripAdvisor. This boost in reviews, coupled with the ability to better understand our guests and market, has resulted in an excellence award from TripAdvisor, achieved from consistent and prolific positive reviews on the platform.”

Thulani Xhali
General Manager, MyPond Hotel

draycott hotel circular pic

“Online reputation management is the future for all industries, especially hospitality. Using GuestRevu as a tool enables us to communicate with guests in an easy way that leads to positive feedback to either work on and/or share with the online community. It forms part of our training plan, together with mystery guest visits. Standards! Standards! Standards”

Melissa Stoman MIH
General Manager, Draycott Hotel

ATKV round for testimonial

“GuestRevu gives our guests a convenient platform to engage with our resort brands, while enriching our business with meaningful data that uncovers critical areas of concern and informs our approach in improving our product offering and services for our valued guests. Businesses today operate in a post-digital world and GuestRevu has not only enabled us to thoroughly adopt the concept of digital presence but also created a positive alignment with our brand strategy.”

Minister Kganyago
Corporate Marketer, ATKV Resorts/Oorde

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