guest feedback reporting

track your performance, analyse service metrics, and improve guest satisfaction – turn guest feedback into business insights

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your key metrics on one dashboard

The guest feedback dashboard shows you your responses, response rate information, your latest Hot Alerts, your TripAdvisor™ ranking overviews, and your email activity overview. It also allows you to delve deeper into the details of these reviews and metrics.

key service drivers

keep ahead of competitors where it matters

Track your hotel’s performance in the areas that matter to you. Set up key service drivers unique to your hotel and monitor guest experience in the areas that make you stand out from the crowd.

key service drivers 1
Reporting on all your guest feedback

reports to your inbox

keep ahead of your reviews while on the run

If you don’t have time in the day to dedicate to tracking your performance, you can get daily notifications, weekly summary reports and full end of month reports sent directly to your mailbox, keeping you ahead of your guest feedback management at all times.

real time alerts – keep your finger on the pulse

Hot Alerts

Hot Alerts are designed to highlight any specific response with a low rating. You can even set the rules for when an alert is generated and who it’s sent to in order to make sure your service is always top-notch.

General Alerts

General alerts behave much like Hot Alerts, but can be set to be triggered by a variety of different conditions. You might want to know when a guest has given you a particularly high rating, for example, or when a guest has said that he or she would like to receive your newsletter.

group feedback target with surround

group reporting

monitor all of your properties in one place

view all the results from your property group in a consolidated dashboard, or filter your report to see the results from a specific set of properties. Set targets for all of your properties to live up to, and view their performance against one another. Receive hot alerts whenever a guest feels that any of your group’s properties has fallen short.

download and share

find the information you need

Look at specific dates or identify and track high-level trends. Download and save data or reports into polished PDFs or CSV files to share across the company

using your reviews

evaluate your staff’s performance

GuestRevu’s Guest Feedback reports can help you to examine staff performance. See how different teams are doing, identify training opportunities, find out where you are excelling, who is doing exceptionally good work, and constantly improve.

define what you need to achieve growth

Use guest insights in operational management to grow your business even more. Monitoring staff performance, enabling managers to engage directly with guest feedback, and being able to identify areas that need improvement will create a whole new way of thinking about growth and development.

make better-informed decisions

The reports also aid you in analysing trends in guest feedback so that you can use them to inform your operational decisions – spend your time and money where it will make the most difference to your guests.

dynamic questions for smart answers

All of GuestRevu’s Guest Feedback questionnaires are designed to follow logic and rules, so that only questions that are relevant to your business, and your guest’s unique experience, are asked. If they say they are unhappy about a service, a follow up question enables you to delve deeper into the problem.