reporting solutions for your online reputation

track your performance, analyse service metrics, and improve guest satisfaction

GuestRevu Online Reputation Management

your property dashboard

monitor your business insights in one place

Your online reputation management (ORM) dashboard gives you a bird’s-eye view of your online reviews. You can get a summary of all your key metrics and reports and  delve deeper into the details.

your group dashboard

view the properties you need to

View the online reputation of all your group’s properties combined, or filter your analytics so you see only the scores from specific set of properties. Use the reputation leaderboard to ensure that all your properties are upholding the standards of your group.

group ORM dashboard with surround

GuestRevu Online Reputation Management Reviews

reviews in detail

The dashboard provides you with a snapshot of your overall online reputation, and you also have the option to investigate reviews in detail.

sentiment analysis

positive vs negative vs neutral mentions

Your performance is based on the number of positive, negative and neutral mentions you have received within a specified time period based on ratings received for Staff, Location, Room, Bed, Food, Cleanliness, and Value for Money

competition analysis

how do you compare against the competition?

The Competition Analysis reporting function allows you to benchmark yourself against up to 10 competitors using 11 universal categories. Both your results and those of your competitors are calculated using online reviews and ratings and the same algorithm, so you are comparing apples with apples.

The categories include GEI™, Overall, Room, Value, Location, Service, Food, Facilities, Ambiance, Cleanliness, Condition.

GuestRevu Online Reputation Management Competition

Reporting GuestRevu Online Reputation Management

downloading your reports

Not only can you rely on a weekly summary report but you can download a PDF report of your dashboard for any specific date range. This report is perfect for use in higher-level management meetings or for day-to-day management and planning.