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Online questionnaires and reporting insights

GuestRevu puts everything into perspective, so you can see what your guests are thinking and interpret it as useful data.

Customised guest feedback questionnaire

fully customised

Enhance guest engagement with customised questionnaires featuring your own branding and your own choice of questions. Ask your guests the questions you need answers to, not those dictated by others.
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conditional question logic

Some questions are only displayed based on your guest’s answers to previous questions, so that you get the details you need from the people who have them, and don’t waste guests’ time asking them questions that don’t apply to them.

real-time alerts

Save time by not having to constantly monitor your feedback. You can choose to be alerted in real-time whenever you get a response or use GuestRevu’s Hot Alerts to notify you straight away when you have received a low rating from a guest.

GuestRevu is a TripAdvisor platinum review collection partner


Encourage your guests to post their review directly on TripAdvisor™ once they have completed their questionnaire. Driving content-rich and fresh reviews straight to TripAdvisor™ will improve your ranking. TripAdvisor has granted us Platinum Partner status, so you can be assured that you are getting the best in TripAdvisor integration.

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Besides a monthly report on all your guest responses, you can log into your own personalised dashboard and run reports whenever and wherever you choose.

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seamless integrations

To save you time GuestRevu can be integrated with many leading property management systems (PMSs). Guest data can be imported automatically from your PMS so that guests are sent questionnaires without you having to change anything about your operations.

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Property management systems we integrate with:

Semper and Semper Lite | Micros OPERA (SA and Morocco) | Apex / HTI | Protel | Nightsbridge | Guest House Manager (GHM) | Guest Manager / Rose | Street Systems | Hotelier | Guestline and Guestline’s Rezlynx | Panstrat | HiRUM Front Desk | Hotsoft Hotel Management Software| Zalion FOKUS Hotel Software