About GuestRevu

We recognise that today, busy hospitality professionals need a better way to listen to, learn from and earn from their guests because of two simple facts

Guests have changed how they engage

Guests no longer engage with brands and make booking decisions as they did before. Armed with more access to online information and reviews about destinations and accommodations, guests expect more than a bed to rest their heads on or a basic meal – they expect great guest experiences.


The hospitality industry is struggling to keep up

While the hospitality industry has enjoyed many of the perks of these changes, from increased social proof through great online reviews through to easier and more personalised communications with their guests, some properties are not making full use of the journey that buyers take to reach them.


Co-founders Chris Alexandre and Francine Heywood saw an opportunity to help hospitality professionals worldwide to listen to, learn from and earn from their guests. Since the company’s start, Francine’s ability to understand the needs of clients, and Chris’s out-of-the-box thinking have made GuestRevu what it is today – an easy-to-use and intuitive tool for guest feedback and online reputation management

Meet the leadership team

Chris Alexandre

CEO & Founder

Chris is a passionate and experienced entrepreneur. As a business leader, he has been creating and nurturing technology companies for over 25 years. With a strong focus on delivering value, he loves empowering people to succeed through technology

Francine Heywood

CSMO & Co-Founder

Francine is focused on working with hospitality professionals to understand their issues and using their feedback to drive the company's sales and marketing activities, thus ensuring that GuestRevu delivers a great solution to hospitality professionals around the world

John Caines, OBE

Non-Exec Director

John holds positions on the boards of a number of companies and is a serial Angel Investor who enables businesses and shareholders to achieve their goals following his own successful entrepreneurial career

Phil Davidson

Non-Exec Chairman

With past and current positions on the boards of several hospitality industry technology providers, and a proven track record as CEO of Guestline, Phil brings a wealth of experience and skill to the GuestRevu leadership team

With GuestRevu, you can have

Branded surveys

Designed to reflect your business's brand and identity, all email surveys look like they come directly from your property

Instant notifications

Informing you immediately when you receive a new guest response to a survey or an online review is posted

Easy-to-use dashboard

Easily monitor your latest feedback and reviews and keep track of important performance indicators from your dashboard

Consolidated guest scores

Giving you a sense of the general sentiment and changes over time in your reviews and feedback

Competitor data

Providing you with a benchmark that allows you to improve and tailor your offering to remain competitive

TripAdvisor integration

Proactively increase review volume by including an integrated review section in your survey so that guests can publish reviews straight to TripAdvisor