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Connect and communicate with your guests directly and gain better insights

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Understand the guest experience from their perspective

Let your guests tell you what's working and what isn't so you can make the right operational decisions

Get the valuable feedback you need to improve your guest experience

  • Customisable surveys reflect your brand's look and feel, while asking the questions your business needs answers to
  • Dynamic smart surveys ask relevant questions to drill down to the heart of your guests' experiences
  • Multiple surveys help you analyse different aspects of your offering, different party sizes, or room types – collect guest feedback about what matters most

valuable guest feedback surveys

Never miss an opportunity to inspire trust


As a TripAdvisor Platinum Review Collection Partner, we'll help you to get more guests posting great reviews


Guests can leave you a TripAdvisor review without logging into the site or even being a member


Boost your TripAdvisor ranking by increasing the quantity, frequency and quality of your reviews.


All your TripAdvisor reviews imported straight into your dashboard for quick and easy access

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PLUS Increase your Google Reviews volume and score, and positively impact SEO, by inviting guests to leave a Google review straight from your survey

Use GuestRevu to make your life easier and save time

  • PMS Integration

    Reduce your workload with our automated Property Management System (PMS) integration

  • Real-time alerts and notifications

    Get notified whenever a guest responds

  • Monthly and weekly reports

    Get polished reports of your performance delivered to your inbox monthly, weekly, or both


service-ticketsStreamline operations with Service Tickets

From leaky taps to sub-par service, deal with issues as they arise with Service Tickets. Allocate tickets to the right person, designate someone to oversee completion, and rest assured knowing that you will be notified if the issue isn't resolved by the deadline you set.

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Jonathan Kaye, Operations Director, Cedar Manor Hotel
Jonathan Kaye
Operations Director, Cedar Manor Hotel

All hoteliers need to listen to their guests and working with GuestRevu is a way of doing this quickly and easily. Not only do hoteliers get immediate feedback so we can find out where any action needs to be taken, but the guest is also encouraged to go one step further and add a review to TripAdvisor. We all think we know our businesses, but we rarely get to experience them from the guest's point of view. Gaining feedback quickly and efficiently is an essential part of hotelkeeping.

Tailor guest communications

  • Multi-language options

    Don’t let your feedback get lost in translation – let guests choose which language they would like to take your survey in

  • Mobile-friendly surveys

    Give guests the chance to answer you questions on the go with whichever device they choose

  • Multiple invitation templates

    Optimise open rates by customising survey invitations to your guest’s nationality or language, time of year, or type of stay


Discover new ROI

GuestRevu gives you all the information you need to make the right operational decisions

  • Guest insights

    Based on feedback data to highlight what really matters to your guests

  • Primary service ratings

    Discover areas where you over and underperforming, like room quality, staff service and cleanliness

  • Group reports

    Reports about individual properties or the group as a whole can be delivered to your inbox on a regular basis 


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