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Powerful Reporting

Analyse your guest feedback for actionable operational insights


Visualise patterns and spot trends in your guest feedback so you can...

  • Improve operational decision-making
  • Tailor marketing outreach
  • Increase repeat and direct bookings



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All your guest feedback in one place

Analyse consolidated data that truly reflects how your guests feel about you by combining insights from direct feedback surveys and online reviews



Slice and dice your data

Filter your guest feedback reports by multiple data points like guest demographics, particulars of guests’ stays or individual question responses to understand the experiences of specific segments of guests, or which guest cohorts have the best experiences.


Analyse guest sentiment

See at a glance how many of your guests left positive, negative or neutral reviews online, or let the language processing algorithm delve deep into your guest feedback and highlight keywords frequently mentioned positively or negatively.



Set targets & milestones

Achieve your property’s goals with the help of targets to track progress and maintain standards. Put your operations to the test with milestones that make it easy to track the effects of any operational changes on guest satisfaction.


For property groups


Multiple properties – one dashboard

See online review and guest feedback information for all your hotels in one place, analyse the data as a whole or inspect guest feedback for individual properties. Control access for different departments and management levels.


Custom account groups

Create groups of accounts to compare similar properties, or spot trends in guest feedback for specific property types, regions, or sizes.

GuestRevu   Overview Group Leaderboard

Group leaderboards and comparisons

Maintain high standards throughout your group with tables and reports that compare and contrast guest feedback and online review data between properties.


Plus Competitor benchmarking

Benchmark your property’s performance against that of your competitors using data collected from all the top online review platforms consolidated and analysed in one place.
GuestRevu gave the group a dashboard where we could benchmark the various hotels against each other. That capability to see who's doing well and who's not, who's got a good food and beverage operation, versus who's got a good housekeeping operation, really helped us in terms of fine-tuning our group operations.
Chris Roberts
General Manager, Oceana Beach and Wildlife Reserve


All your online reviews in one place

Save time and know what your guests are saying about you publicly by having online reviews from multiple sources collected and analysed in your GuestRevu account

Caring support

Our support team is here for you no matter how big or small the issue. Contact them via phone, email or online chat

Set different date ranges

View and analyse your property's performance over a week, month, quarter or custom time period

Respond to reviews

Save time responding to your online reviews with one-click respond at source button and a management response starter template


Reduce your workload by sending surveys automatically after checkout with Property Management System (PMS) integration, and use your data across your tech stack with customer relationship management (CRM) and other hotel software integrations

Group Property data

Monitor the scores that guests give to different areas of service at each property to optimise your group operations, and compare performance across your whole group or subsets of properties

Regular email reports

Get insights based on your data to see where you’re exceeding expectations and what still needs to be improved delivered to your inbox weekly or monthly

Tripadvisor integration

Our Platinum Partnership means guests can easily publish reviews straight to Tripadvisor from an integrated section in your surveys without having to log in or even be a member

Google Reviews integration

Increase review volume on Google and positively impact search rankings by encouraging guests to go straight from your survey to Google Reviews

Custom Branded surveys

Customisable surveys adhere to your brand's look and feel, while asking the questions your business needs answers to

Smart survey logic

Dynamic smart surveys ask relevant questions based on guests' prior answers to drill down to the heart of your guests' experiences

Unlimited users

Give as many team members as you like access to whichever parts of GuestRevu you choose so they can get the information and insights that they need without compromising your account’s security

Customisable alerts

Receive alerts for feedback that meet criteria you set on a range of triggers, including high or low scores, booking source, guest demographic and more

Convenient reporting

Access in-depth guest intelligence reports online at any time, so you can slice and dice your data to identify actionable insights for your next project or meeting

Easy-to-use dashboard

Easily track your guest feedback and reviews over time, gauge guest sentiment and monitor important scores and KPIs right on your dashboard

Advanced filtering

View the data that’s most valuable to you. Segment your data by date range, room type, review source, sentiment and more, and your filter preferences will reflect throughout the app

Competitor data

Benchmark your property against your chosen competitors and dig into the details of what sets your property apart

Sentiment analysis

See at a glance how many of your guests left positive, negative or neutral reviews online, and dig into the semantics of your reviews to understand what keywords appear most often and in what context

Multi-language surveys

Let guests choose which language to view your surveys in so guest insights don’t get lost in translation

Multiple surveys

Send pre-stay surveys make guests' stays even better, in-stay surveys to check you have met expectations while they are still with you, or send different surveys depending on stay length, room number or type, activities engaged in, or any combination of factors captured by your PMS

Guest Review History

Personalise your guests’ experiences on property with the help of guest profiles that associate reviews with specific guests and allow preferences to easily be recorded for future reference

Track milestones

Visualise the impact of changes at your property on guest experience by placing custom milestone markers on time-based reports

Set targets

Maintain a high standard of customer satisfaction by assigning targets that you would like to see your primary service and GuestRevu ratings reach and exceed

Any-time surveys

Ask for feedback when where and how it works for you and your guests with any-time surveys that can be accessed via a link (in emails or on your website), on a guest's own device via QR codes (printed on menus or placed in rooms), or on a tablet pre-configured with your survey (at a kiosk near reception)

Service tickets

Quickly and easily create tasks, assign them to staff members, keep track of priorities and monitor performance

Primary service ratings

Discover areas where you over- and underperforming, like room quality, staff service and cleanliness

Default survey

A pre-built survey with the most important questions to ask your guests, created using the best practices we have learnt from sending out over a million surveys

Instant notifications

Receive an email as soon as a guest responds to a survey or an online review is posted