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big or small, guest reviews matter

GuestRevu has been created to offer guest intelligence management solutions for any size property or property group – from 2 rooms to 20 rooms to 200 rooms to 2000 rooms. When it comes to guest reviews, size doesn’t matter!

Online reputation management for hotels

online reputation management

We know it’s impossible to always be aware of when your property is mentioned online. That’s why GuestRevu’s Online Reputation Management (ORM) solution collects online reviews of your property from over 60 different websites worldwide.

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guest feedback

While it’s necessary to monitor your online reputation, relying solely on third-party reviews sites or online travel agencies (OTAs) to get your guest feedback means that you are not the one engaging with your guests. Asking your guests directly for feedback not only shows your guests that you care, but also gives you the answers you need and provides unprecedented insights that can be used in the day-to-day operation of your hotel.

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Customised guest feedback questionnaire

GuestRevu puts powerful data at your fingertips

Measure your guests’ satisfaction and your management team’s performance. You can even measure your property’s online reputation against that of your competitors, or how different properties within your group compare to one another.

guest feedbackonline reputation management


property management system partners

Integrate GuestRevu’s Guest Feedback solution with your property management system (PMS) to streamline your day-to-day processes, save you time, and consolidate guest feedback as a fundamental aspect of your property’s operations.

GuestRevu is integrated with a number of industry leading property management systems including:

Semper and Semper Lite | Micros OPERA (SA and Morocco) | Apex / HTI | Protel | Nightsbridge | Guest House Manager (GHM) | Guest Manager / Rose | Street Systems | Hotelier | Guestline and Guestline’s Rezlynx | Panstrat | HiRUM Front Desk | Avon Data