Case Study: Sandy Beach

sandy beach hotel

Sandy Beach Hotel & Resort put their guests first 

“I would highly recommend GuestRevu, as it truly allows you build that open bridge between management and customers, and get on a more personal level with your guests and see things through their eyes rather than from a management standpoint. Guests experience your resort in ways that you, as a manager, may not be able to experience and therefore you can be blind to certain things”.

Tarek Aboudib, General Manager, Sandy Beach Hotel & Resort

Tarek Aboudib

Tarek Aboudib, General Manager, Sandy Beach Hotel & Resort

its challenges: manual methods are limited and time consuming

For General Manager Tarek Aboudib a guest-centric management strategy was always the goal. The root of success in the hospitality industry, he believes, lies in developing meaningful relationships with guests. Having tried many ways to collect and manage guest insights himself, Tarek found that linking online reviews to specific guests and when they stayed was a sometimes impossible task, and meant that “it was hard to grasp a full understanding of what the guest experienced in order to react accordingly”.

the results: more reviews and deeper insights

With comprehensive guest feedback to act on at their disposal, Tarek and his team have been able to dramatically improve guest communication and service levels. The combined power of real-time notifications plus the online dashboard means that the hotel can act quickly on guest concerns, and still have the ability to analyse all their collected insights later to determine the strengths and weaknesses in their offering.


Sandy Beach Hotel & Resort, Fujairah

Sandy Beach Hotel & Resort is a 98-bedroom resort set against the dramatic backdrop of the Hajar Mountains in the emirate of Fujairah in the UAE. The resort welcomes a diverse, international clientele typical of the region. As a result, General Manager Tarek Aboudib and his team were spending countless hours searching through the various review sites, as well as paper based questionnaire cards, for guest insights “in order for the hotel and resort to keep on improving to the highest level of guest satisfaction”.

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