TripAdvisor™ integration

Drive more reviews, get higher ratings, and increase your ranking and visibility when you integrate your guest questionnaires with TripAdvisor™

why integrate?

TripAdvisor™ is the world’s top travel review site, and so it’s crucial for leading hoteliers to get the best TripAdvisor™ ratings and rankings possible. Integrating your GuestRevu questionnaire with TripAdvisor™ makes it easier for your guests to submit their reviews. This enhances your TripAdvisor™ profile with fresh reviews, quality content, and increased review volume.

TripAdvisor Platinum Review Collection Partner Status

GuestRevu is one of the few guest survey provider companies worldwide to have been granted Platinum Review Collection Partner status.

“Platinum status is granted to the top tier of review collection partners, who demonstrate excellent technical integrations and consistent review conversion performance.”TripAdvisor


a higher ranking and a higher rating

TripAdvisor™ rankings are calculated based on review ratings, volume and freshness. This means getting new reviews of your property posted on a regular basis can improve your ranking and push you above your competition. In addition, our research shows that reviews submitted from GuestRevu usually have higher ratings than those written directly on the TripAdvisor™ site.


To make it even easier for guests to add reviews to TripAdvisor™, the TripAdvisor™ review page is pre-populated with their responses from the questionnaire, so the guest only has to add a title and comments. Using the GuestRevu integration makes it easy for your guests to add their reviews to TripAdvisor™. That’s why some of our clients see a 300% increase in the number of reviews posted.

Guests can post online reviews to Tripadvisor directly from your customised guest feedback questionnaire

what our customers are saying

“In terms of our TripAdvisor™ score, as a group we
embrace it, and see it as a good marketing tool”

Kevin Charity, CEO
Coaching Inn Hotel Group, UK

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