online reputation management technology

tools to help you interpret your online reputation data

collecting reviews across the web

Use the Guest Experience Index™, review mining and natural language processing to find out what is being said online about you and your competitors

review mining

Our review mining software scans websites and booking sites that encourage travellers to write hotel reviews for mentions or ratings of your hotel. We monitor over 60 different sites around the world in real-time to make sure you don’t miss a thing.

GuestRevu Online Reputation Management

but everyone has ratings on a different scale?

Even though there is no universally accepted set of ratings and every site uses its own system, we capture all ratings regardless of scale and combine them into 10 sub-ratings. The volume of ratings and the diversity of the reviewers make these sub-ratings a reliable data source to monitor.

natural language processing

Worried you won’t understand what your guest has said about your hotel? Our Natural Language Processing makes it possible to extract guest insights from reviews in six different languages.

know where you stand against the competition – whoever they are

the Guest Experience Index™

The Guest Experience Index™ (GEI™) is an innovative weighted score that gives you a quick general picture of your online reputation and allows for your competitors to be scored on the same scale, so you can compare apples with apples.

The GEI™ score is more than just the average of all review scores, It also takes into account:

 The integrity of the review site as a whole
 Relative age of the review
 The integrity of the reviewer

Competitive guest experience index (GEI)

So what’s the perfect score?

The average GEI™ score generally falls between 60 and 80, so if you are nearing the 80 mark, you’re already at the top!