Group Reporting

Maintain high standards across your group with feedback and reputation data

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Great guest experiences across your group don’t happen by chance

Keep track of your properties’ feedback and reputation, and maintain your group’s high standards

Monitor standards of properties across your group

  • Track overall performance for each of your individual properties
  • Monitor guest scores for different performance areas at each property so you can optimise your operations
  • See how individual properties stack up against the targets that have been set for your group


Why is this so important?


Keep up with smaller independent hotels when it comes to creating a personalised, intimate guest experience


Access the tools you need to maintain and enhance your online reputation, and encourage more potential guests to book with you


Build loyalty and generate trust in your brand so repeat guests know they’ll have a great experience no matter which of your properties they stay in

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Enhanced operational management across the group

Make the best use of your budget by using data to make the right operational decisions within your group and addressing any issues as they occur

  • Aggregated data

    Make more relevant changes or upgrades based on guests’ wants and needs

  • More accountability

    Group managers can set concrete, numerical, achievable targets and hold individual properties accountable if they aren’t met

  • Prepared reports

    Make use of our weekly and monthly reports in your departmental meetings to assist with decisions and strategy

Mat Matysik, Marketing Manager, Shamwari Game Reserve
Mat Matysik
Marketing Manager, Shamwari Game Reserve

Through GuestRevu, we are able to ensure that the quality of all the lodges that fall within the reserve remain high. Every month, we receive customised guest feedback reports that form a large part of management decisions that are made day to day.

Group reports – for better decisions

Automated guest feedback and online reputation management reports make life easier for your management team as well as improving communication and transparency

  • Delivered to your inbox

    Both full and summary reports arrive in your inbox on a regular basis

  • Available for download

    Create custom reports and download them whenever you need them

  • Group reports

    Monitor reports about individual properties or the group as a whole


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