GREAT Awards

Guest-rated experience in accommodation and travel

A unique international competition to honour hotels of all sizes that deliver excellent guest experience.

Terms and Conditions

Please familiarise yourself with the GuestRevu GREAT Awards terms and conditions before entering the awards. 

  1. Entries to the GuestRevu GREAT program
    1. The establishment name may be used by organisers of the Awards program in the promotion of the GuestRevu GREAT Awards program.
    2. The data collected during the awards period may be used in an aggregated and anonymised format for promotional purposes, however, details that may lead to the identification of individual guests or establishments will be removed or obscured.
    3. The GuestRevu GREAT Awards program is open to any short-stay accommodation provider that provides hospitality services. This includes guesthouses, boutiques, lifestyle or resort hotels or hotel groups.
    4. To enter and be eligible to win a GuestRevu GREAT Award, establishments must use using GuestRevu or GuestRevu LITE to track online review data.
    5. Establishments are entered into the Awards program on a voluntary basis.
    6. If the establishment is not eligible or does not sign up to GuestRevu or GuestRevu LITE or violates any of the terms and conditions they will be disqualified. If you are disqualified for any reason, the GuestRevu team will contact you to inform you of the reason why.
    7. By voluntarily entering your establishment into the GuestRevu GREAT Awards program, you hereby agree that:
  2. Scoring
    1. When individual scores are shared, they will be done so in such a way that scores will not be associated with identifiable establishments, except in the case of the final overall scores of the winning establishments, which we reserve the right to use for promotional purposes and to announce alongside the winning establishment's names.
    2. In analysing and conducting scoring, representatives from Stenden University will only see publically available scores and statistics from reviews.
    3. Categories will be determined by Awards officials including Stenden University representatives once entries have closed.
    4. Hotels will need to receive a minimum number of reviews to be eligible to win a GREAT Award. The precise review threshold will be determined during data analysis. 
    5. The judges’ decision on GuestRevu GREAT Award winners is final.
  3. GDPR data compliance
    1. All data will be collected, processed and held in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulations.
    2. No personally identifiable guest data from any establishment, collected via direct sources, will be shared with anyone.
    3. Publicly available data such as online reviews from third-party platforms may be used in further research. 
  4. Additional uses of the data
    1. You hereby agree that this data may also be used by the organisers for the purposes of research, marketing, publishing and/or selling. The organisers will not disclose the identities of any individual guest in the use of the data.
    2. Entrant names, logos, and publicly available photographs may be used in marketing communications and may be published on the GuestRevu GREAT Awards website.
  5. Deadline
     1.  Data will be collected and analysed in relation to the timeline set in the awards rules, no data will be taken into account if it is published after the closing date.  


For more information on GuestRevu's standard terms and conditions click HERE. 

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Awards in the following categories will be presented per region, and overall.

  • GREATest Small Hotel (1-20 Rooms)
  • GREATest Medium Hotel/Resort (20-100 Rooms)
  • GREATest Large Hotel (100+ Rooms)
  • GREATest Hotel Group (more than one property under a single brand)*

*Please note that each hotel in the group will need to also compete as an individual property to be eligible

Key dates

  • Entries open: 20 May 2023
  • Entries close: 30 June 2023
  • Data collection period: 1 July to 30 September 2023
  • Shortlist announced: TBC October 2023
  • Winners announced: TBC November 2023

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens after I enter?

Once you have entered and registered your property on GuestRevu LITE, your hotel’s online reviews, on, Tripadvisor and Google will be collected, analysed and consolidated. The review data is then used to evaluate your performance. Guest review data will be collected for three months July-September 2023.

Following the data collection period, your reviews and feedback will be assessed, aggregated and scored by faculty and students at Stenden University and a shortlist of best-performing hotels in each category will be announced. The category and overall winners will be announced shortly thereafter. 

Who can enter the GuestRevu GREAT Awards?

The awards are open to any boutique hotel, guesthouse, lifestyle hotel, resort, or hotel group worldwide, as long as you're listed on Tripadvisor and regularly getting online reviews on one or more of the following sites:

  • Tripadvisor
  • Google reviews

Hotels are automatically allocated to relevant categories based on number of rooms, type of accommodation offered, and geographical area. 

The GREATest Hotel Group categories are open to groups of properties that operate under the same brand, and enter all the properties in the group that are eligible to compete as individual entrants.

If you’re not sure whether your hotel falls under any of these umbrellas, feel free to contact us and we will help to determine whether your property is eligible.

Will this cost me anything?

Entering the competition won’t cost a thing. The tool we use to collect and analyse your online review data, GuestRevu LITE is completely free, forever. To sign up for GuestRevu LITE click HERE. Or chat with our support team at

How do I get help?

GuestRevu support staff are ready and waiting to help with any questions that you might have. Simply give them a call on +44 800 133 7023 or send an email to

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