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From their humble beginnings as a small pub in Oxfordshire, the Crazy Bear Group has grown to encompass numerous hotels, restaurants, and even its own farm. As a growing luxury lifestyle brand, it is essential for the group to attract not only new guests, but foster brand loyalty with existing clientele, and this is where having a guest feedback partner to both encourage and process feedback is vital.

With GuestRevu, they are able to engage with their guests and also get the real-time feedback that they need to make operational decisions and grow as a group.

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The Challenges

Outdated technology, operational assumptions and encouraging feedback

• Collating information from comment cards

“We had internal comment cards but, it's old technology - bits of paper that get manually processed by a person, and entered onto a spreadsheet,” says Director of Operations, Laurence Wall. “In a fast-paced business like this it’s not something that we can measure in the way that we need to.” Rather, dissecting comment cards had become a laborious, manual process, which led to useful information often falling through the cracks.

• Making operational decisions based on assumptions

Without detailed feedback, Crazy Bear were finding it difficult to spot trends in their guest experiences, and found themselves using suppliers and allocating staff based on their assumptions about what guests were looking for, rather than on what guests actually wanted and needed.

• Encouraging guests to leave feedback

“We had lots of customers coming through the business,” Laurence explains, “but they were here on one-night stays generally. Those types of guests are less inclined, we find, to leave feedback, unless they’re encouraged to do so.” This left Crazy Bear's management with a difficult situation of wanting to engage with their guests and receive the feedback that they needed to improve, but not having a platform to do so.

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The Solution

A real-time, easy to use direct guest feedback and online reputation management solution

GuestRevu’s online survey and reputation management solutions with TripAdvisor integration and group reporting allowed the Crazy Bear Group to:

  • Identify trends in direct feedback and online reviews
  • Engage with each of their guests
  • Make informed operational decisions
  • Continually improve on the experience offered to guests

The Results

Getting the feedback that they need to understand, meet and exceed guest expectations

The Crazy Bear Group are now able to engage with their guests more fluidly, and not only get more feedback, but the kind of real-time data that can inform management decisions and help them to meet guest expectations.

• Improved guest satisfaction

“I think our guests feel a little bit more looked after in a traditional sense when they get a questionnaire,” Laurence explains. “It looks more professional and it certainly appears as if we care a great deal more. And we do! We do want their feedback, we do want to improve, and we want our guests to understand that they're an important part of our journey.”

• Getting more feedback from guests

Not only is the Crazy Bear Group hearing more from their guests, but management are able to put this feedback to better use as well. "The feedback that GuestRevu provides us with has allowed us to identify high performing members of staff, and areas where we're weaker, in a much more fluid, live manner," says Laurence.

• Increased and improved TripAdvisor reviews

"TripAdvisor is massive for us," says Laurence. And since implementing GuestRevu, with the help of TripAdvisor integration, the Crazy Bear Group is getting a whopping 432% more reviews. What makes this even better is that the ratings for these jointly collected reviews are 16% higher than the feedback that the group receive organically through the review giant’s site.

• Collated and constructive insights

Without the monumental manual effort that comment cards required, the Crazy Bear Group are now getting the feedback that they need to make the right decisions for their properties. “We can collate feedback, we can understand trends, we get hot alerts,” Laurence explains, “which allows us to focus in on problem areas and either deal with a particular guest there and then, or just understand trends.”

Download the Crazy Bear Group case study here

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Laurence Wall
Director of Operations

I wouldn't hesitate recommending any hotelier puts this platform into use as soon as possible. The insights we've gained from GuestRevu have been absolutely valuable to our business and I couldn't recommend it highly enough.


Laurence Wall
Director of Operations

From the get-go, the staff have been really become really engaged in the system. It's easy to use, it's something that we can review with our team in our weekly management meetings. It's specific, unlike TripAdvisor. We get specific reviews, from specific guests, so that we can target negative feedback and see where more training is needed.


Laurence Wall
Director of Operations

It presents a very cost-effective solution to what can be quite expensive process when you're setting up some sort of guest feedback system.

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