2Perfect Holiday Apartments


The Company

2Perfect Holiday Apartments uses GuestRevu to give their guests the chance to tell them what they really think

John and his wife Renate are the proud owners of 2Perfect self-catering penthouse apartments in a holiday town in South Africa. With only two apartments on offer, John and Renate interact with each and every guest, ensuring they have the best possible stay. 

For John, using a product like GuestRevu is essential to running a successful business in the hospitality sector, even at his small size.

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The Challenges

Getting feedback that can help them to improve and grow

• Only getting positive comments

John admits that in his view, "People will rarely write something negative in your guest book when a staff member or owner is close by. You don't ever know all you need to know from your guests because your guests... are reluctant to tell you what they are really thinking."

• Concerns about negative feedback reaching the wrong ears

Wanting to get feedback that can help them to improve their offerings, but only hearing compliments left John concerned that guests might be airing their discontent to others rather than to management. “If there's something that really bothers your guests, you'll get the odd [guest] that tells you, but for the rest... they just don't tell you. It just goes back with them and they'll say it to somebody else."

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The Solution

An easy to access guest feedback and online review management platform

GuestRevu’s online guest feedback and reputation management solutions with convenient dashboard and TripAdvisor integration allowed 2Perfect Holiday Apartments to:

  • Receive honest and meaningful feedback from their guests
  • Easily gain actionable insights from collated direct feedback and online data
  • Keep track of and respond to indirect reviews on third party sites
  • Continually improve on the experience offered to guests

The Results

Actionable guest insights to maintain their high standards

2Perfect Holiday Apartments now gather and monitor their reviews through GuestRevu, and have found that the feedback that they are getting:

• More in-depth feedback from their guests

By offering guests an option to provide feedback after their stay, John no longer needs to be concerned about his guests feeling uncomfortable when giving feedback in front of staff or management. Guests can now complete the questionnaires in their own time, and it has resulted in John getting more meaningful feedback from them.

• A way to keep their standard high

With the in-depth feedback that they are receiving from guests, John and Renate are able to pinpoint where problems may lie, and quickly resolve them, maintaining the high level of customer service that they aim to provide.

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John Cooper

We've had fantastic service from GuestRevu. It's a great product — we get huge value from it and really believe in the concept.


John Cooper

It keeps you on your toes... it gives you the opportunity to see what was wrong or missing, and it assists you in keeping your own levels of service high.

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