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Minister Kganyago
Business Events Marketer at ATKV

GuestRevu gives our guests a convenient platform to engage with our resort brands, while enriching our business with meaningful data that uncovers critical areas of concern and informs our approach in improving our product offering and services for our valued guests. Businesses today operate in a post-digital world and GuestRevu has not only enabled us to thoroughly adopt the concept of digital presence but also created a positive alignment with our brand strategy.

Michael Yates
Deputy General Manager, Breaffy House

We have been using GuestRevu for the past few months at Breaffy House Resort and now find it invaluable in so many ways, from being able to bring all reviews together from so many different sites so you get a fair and honest reflection of your service and standards, to now using it as our starting point on staff training by working on the negative guest feedback that reappears regularly. We are definitely big fans!

Jonathan Kaye
Operations Director, Cedar Manor Hotel

This tool has been even more useful in the last few weeks as we took our annual holiday and were able to send out the questionnaire after we returned and get feedback on our temporary managers. It is very good at prompting useful feedback and getting TripAdvisor reviews.

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