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The daily routine at Cotswold House Hotel & Spa is incomplete without GuestRevu

At the centre of the picturesque high street in the historical market town of Chipping Campden, UK, you’ll find Bespoke Hotels’ Cotswold House — a hotel that sets high standards for food, accommodation and spa services. The management team have found that having the right partner for guest feedback and reputation management is essential to helping them maintain those standards.

GuestRevu has become part of their daily routine, saving them time, providing detailed insights into guest experience, motivating staff and boosting the hotel's online reputation.

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The Challenges

Superficial feedback, keeping an eye on competition and managing online reputation

• Maintenance issues shared online

While their online reputation was generally positive, staff found that sometimes maintenance issues were mentioned in public in online reviews, even when the guest had said they had no problems during their stay. As guests do not always feel comfortable with confrontation, getting feedback in person from guests during or after their stays was proving difficult.

• Keeping an eye on competition

“I have always followed a few key local competitors closely, even going as far as calculating their score every few months to see how they were trending,” says GM, Craig Webb, but the process was manual, time consuming, and could be unreliable.

• Managing online reputation

Monitoring the hotel’s reputation and maintaining high scores across online platforms, from to Facebook, Twitter and TripAdvisor, was proving frustrating, partly due to the different metrics that each platform uses.

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The Solution

A holistic direct guest feedback and online reputation management solution with competitor tracking

GuestRevu’s online guest feedback and online reputation management (ORM) solutions with TripAdvisor integration and competitor set reputation monitoring allowed Cotswold House to:

  • Save time monitoring competitors
  • Quickly collate direct feedback and online data for actionable insights
  • Easily monitor and maintain online reputation across platforms
  • Continually improve on the experience offered to guests

The Results

Actionable guest insights and a competitive edge

Cotswold House now gathers the kind of information that it needs to understand and improve guest experience, and management are able to effortlessly monitor their reputation as well as that of their competitors.

• Enhancing guest experience through feedback and reviews

With the help of guest feedback questionnaires, Cotswold House is receiving valuable, actionable insights, and is able to provide guests with the information, service and assistance that they need.

• Improved reviews and TripAdvisor ranking

With the help of GuestRevu’s TripAdvisor integration, Cotswold House is not only getting reviews more frequently, but finding that the feedback received online is more positive. This has seen the hotel rise through the TripAdvisor ranks, bringing them ever closer to their goal of a 5 bubble rating.

• Fixing problems before they end up online

By sending out guest surveys, Cotswold House has been able to quickly and easily note and rectify maintenance requests, and find that these niggles make their way into online reviews far less often now that guests have the channel straight to management.

“For us it is absolutely vital that we can quickly identify patterns where areas may be declining in standard," says Craig. “Guests are very good at reporting minor maintenance issues which is very helpful to prevent snags becoming major (costly issues).”

• More motivated employees and improved service

“For feedback alone, GuestRevu has been fantastic — a real motivator for the team” says GM, Craig Webb. “I use it almost daily, certainly when a new review arrives, to motivate the staff, and at our monthly meetings we share the scores to see if any particular area of our delivery needs attention.”

Download the Cotswold House Hotel & Spa case study here

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Craig Webb
General Manager

For the feedback alone, GuestRevu has been fantastic, a real motivator for the team too. But the fact you get all the roundup emails plus increased and improved quality reviews on Tripadvisor — it is a win-win.


Craig Webb
General Manager

It was the whole package, really, that convinced us that GuestRevu was the right fit — from the software to the support, and the time-saving it brings to my daily routines as a busy hotel manager.


Craig Webb
General Manager

It is really the speed at which we receive feedback, and the volume of it that have been key since implementing GuestRevu.

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